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Widmer 776 LED

Widmer 776 LED Widmer 776 LED


Widmer Automatic Number, Date and Time Stamp: Model 776-LED

The Widmer 776-LED is dependable and versatile. Printing is done in one simple step for the print trigger is paper activated. -Printing numerous combinations of time, date, seal, and numbering (as well as alpha wheels for coding) are enabled by the two printing heads that this product offers. - Signature and text may be printed in single or tri-colored ink - The printing mechanism can be factory adjusted to print in a specific location - Stamping force can be electronically adjusted to penetrate carbonized forms and pressure sensitive carbonless forms. - Our open throat design allows you to insert and emboss on any size documents - High quality Cast iron body insures reliability and a long life. - OPTIONS INCLUDE: - Electric security lock - Fixed or adjustable guide plate - Military or conventional date and time - Model 776-LED available without digital display - TO OPPERATE: - Plug machine in circuit, minutes, hours, A.M. and P.M. and day of the month advance automatically as well as the completely automatic ribbon. Insert document in throat of machine, it will automatically emboss it.


Height 7" (18cm) , Width 7 1/4" (18.4cm) , Depth 10" (25cm), Weight 31 lbs (14.1kg) , shipping weight 34 lbs, two tone light and dark gray finish. 115V 60Hz. Optional 220V 50Hz, inscriptions may be above or below the time date and number line.

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