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Widmer T-4U

Widmern T-4U Widmern T-4U


Widmer Time For You, Dot Matrix Electronic time Recorder, Time Stamp and Numbering Machine: Model T-4U

The Widmer T-4U is one of the most versatile products that we offer. This machine will satisfy many of your business needs all in one. Through controlling paperwork flow, job costing and validating documents, being able to identify when a document was received faxed or shipped (ect.) the Widmer T-4U fulfills a plethora of needs in the work place. The Widmer T-4U will reliably record for time computation, reduce tardiness as well as provide the required records for wage and hour regulations. It is one of our most resourceful and affordable machines. SPECIFICATIONS: -Weight 6lbs OPTIONS INCLUDE: -Fully programmable dot-matrix stamp -Capable of consecutive numbering -Capable of three lines of print with multi page insertions.



6 Lbs . 10" X 9" X 12" shipping