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Widmer 776 E

Widmer 776-E Widmer 776-E

The Widmer 776-E


-A sturdy, unyielding cast iron embosser imprints a raised seal (dry seal) into your document as well as printing a combination of a signature, title, date and additional text of your choice. - Options include: Electric security lock Fixed or adjustable guide plate Military or conventional date and time Choice of singular or tri colored ink -The Widmer 776-E will satisfy a broad range of needs given that it can sign, validate, certify, and date college transcripts, birth and marriage certificates, as well a surplus of other official documents including any municipal, county, state and national government agency applications.


Height 7" (18cm) Width 7 1/4" (18.4cm) Depth 10" (25cm) Weight 31 lbs. (14.1kg) Shipping weight 34 lbs 115V 60 Hz . Optional 220 V 50 Hz